Quoting and booking online can be done in a few simple steps.

How can I get a quote?

  1. Go on Convelio's online shipping platform,

  2. Fill out your pick up and delivery info,

  3. Add your item description, dimensions, weight and value.

Tadaaaa, your price should instantly appear! You are now ready to book.

You can also have the options to:

  • Change the speed - from Regular to Express or Express+

  • Change delivery option from Curbside to White-Glove

  • Uncheck insurance (we highly recommend you keep it but not mandatory)

Pro tip 1: if you are not ready to book your quote you can save it, and come back to it at anytime.
Pro tip 2: if you have multiple items to ship, you can specify different pick-up locations
Pro tip 3: if you have a voluminous and fragile item that can be disassembled, you can notify us with the split item feature.

How can I book?

After the instant quoting price appears, you can click on "Book for this price", and must:

  1. Upload your documents: a commercial invoice, and pictures of your item are necessary (for insurance reasons) and other documents if necessary,

  2. For Pick-up, add your company name and contact information,

  3. For Delivery, add your contact's information,

Et voilà! you are now ready to pay online. Upon order confirmation, a confirmation and instructional email will be sent to you.

After payment, you will be notified via email, about the delivery status of your order. We inform you at all stages from order confirmation, pick-up, to delivery confirmation.

Pro tip 1: If you don't have your contact information to receive the delivery and/or billing information, you can click on the "Share" link button, and send this link to your customer.
Pro tip 2: if your item is not yet ready for pick-up any time soon, you can specify a date on the "Pickup my item" calendar.

👉 Get a quote instantly

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