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What are the next steps to validate my quote?
What are the next steps to validate my quote?
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In the case you got your quote online

Please check your email inbox to proceed to booking.
You can also book immediately after getting a quote on our shipping platform.

In the case you received a quote via email or telephone.

To organize your shipment as soon as possible, could you please provide us with :

  1. Your quote number

  2. Your exact collection address, floor of collection, contact name, e-mail address, phone number

  3. Your exact delivery address, floor of delivery (in case of white glove), contact name, e-mail address, phone number

  4. If your your delivery address is a storage / depot

  5. Your billing details we have to take into account, including VAT number

  6. Your commercial invoice for this shipment

  7. Your item description such as the material of the item to be shipped (e.g. type of wood, type of metal, etc.) - as to make sure we pack it and crate it in the best way possible.

Note that:

  • We require full payment of the transport before collection.

  • American customs require the filling out of the TSCA form (Toxic Substance Control Act - If your shipment goes to the US, we will fill this in on your behalf unless you tell us otherwise

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