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How can I track my shipment?
How can I track my shipment?

We provide real-time tracking on our shipping platform.

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After your online order is made, we provide you with a live tracking link.

You can find your live tracking link in your mailbox or via your account on Convelio's website, your shipping management platform.

Tracking updates via email

During the transportation of your valuable item emails will be sent to you as to let you know where it is and how it is being processed (from pickup, crating and freight, all the way to completed delivery).

On these emails, you will find the live tracking link.

Tracking your shipment via email

Tracking updates on your Convelio account

  • Connect & login to

  • Click on "my orders" section

  • Find your order (among other orders you may have completed)

  • Click on it and access to your shipment's live tracking!

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