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How can I track my shipment?
How can I track my shipment?

We provide real-time tracking on our shipping platform.

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Our tracking platform

Every Convelio order has a tracking link that provides follow-up information on the shipment.

You can find your tracking link in the emails sent by Convelio or through our online platform if you are the person who placed the order.

Tracking updates via email

During the transportation of your valuable item, you will receive emails to keep you informed about its whereabouts and processing status. These emails should contain the tracking link.

Tracking updates on your Convelio account

  • Go to or click on "my orders" on the navigation bar.

  • Locate your order in the orders list, you can identify it by its CVO-number or by your own reference if you added one when booking.

  • Click on the order or directly on the colored tag on the right to access the tracking page.

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