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Convelio complies with the Data Protection Legislation as defined by European Union law with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and in the United Kingdom by the Data Protection Bill. The protection measures implemented here also comply with other regulations worldwide such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Why do we collect and use your personal information?

We collect your personal information to better communicate about our services, and provide you with the most dedicated experience for shipping your valuable goods.

This processing relies on commercial legitimate interest, since we are operating in the same industry, and you might be in need of transportation for your valuable goods.

Note that for custom quotes and unfinished quotes, we may also collect your personal information. This processing relies on the execution of pre-contractual measures.

We also execute statistical analyses but only on anonymized data.

What type of information do we collect ?

During our first communication, we intend to collect or have collected the following information to provide you with the highest level of customer service for shipping your valuable goods:

  • Your name;

  • Your company name;

  • Your professional email address;

  • Your professional phone number;

  • Your company’s mail address;

  • Our voice conversations, if any.

If we provide an answer to a quote request, we require additional information, as follows:

  • Pickup and delivery locations for the quote

  • Cargo details for the quote

How do we collect your personal information?

Your personal information may have been found in the following ways, classified into 4 categories:

  • Trade shows and/or art fairs you might attend

  • Publicly available information, e.g. your website, search engines or social media

  • An industry referral

  • The information you provided when registering for our newsletter

If you want to know more about the source where we got your information, please ask your Convelio contact or send an email to data-privacy@convelio.com. We will provide a report as soon as possible.

How do we use your personal information?

In order to process this information and provide you with relevant news and services, we share your information with the following recipients:

  • Convelio team and affiliates, but only duly authorized individuals;

  • In the case of a customized quote request, we will need to send inquiries to our shipment suppliers;

  • Software processors that we use as our CRM and client management tools providers, calling application, emailing and internal messaging systems, social media targeting softwares, data analysis and processing tools

When we need to transfer your personal data outside of the European Union, the transfer relies on one of the following mechanisms:

  • Standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission which regulate the transfer of personal data outside of the EU between the different entities of Convelio Group (in order to provide you with the quickest answer as possible)

  • Transfers are necessary in the case of a quote request with a pickup or destination outside of the EU. In that case, we require strict contractual warranties from our suppliers.

  • We sign standard contractual clauses with our IT services providers, who may locate their storage servers and data centres or their maintenance team in the US or other countries.

Convelio has taken all necessary and adequate measures to ensure a level of protection and security of personal data in accordance with the prerequisites imposed by European Union law and the applicable regulation.

How long do we retain your personal information?

In accordance with applicable regulations and legislation:

  • We retain the information for 3 years after our last contact, unless you send your consent to receive our newsletters for a longer period of time.

  • You can request we delete this information before the 3-year legal period.

  • Voice conversations, if any, are deleted at latest two months after the phone call takes place.

What are your rights regarding your personal information?

  • Identity and contact details of data controller:

    • Convelio is the data controller and you can request any information by writing to data-privacy@convelio.com or CONVELIO - WeWork 198 Avenue de France, 75013, Paris, France.

  • Rights of the data subject (within the limits of the regulations and legislation in force)

    • right to be informed: you have the right to know all necessary information about your personal data processing. For additional questions, please contact our team.

    • right to access: you can ask for a copy of your personal data any time

    • right to rectification: if information we have about you is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know and we will make the correction immediately.

    • right to erasure or right to be forgotten: you can ask for us to delete your personal information from our databases any time.

    • right to data portability: you can ask for your personal data with the intention of sending it to other providers.

    • right to object: you can deny us the right to use your personal data for marketing and commercial purposes. This would enable us to retain your personal information but not contact you. Objection to commercial prospection by email can be done with the unsubscription link at the bottom of our emails.

    • Right to restrict processing of personal data in the cases provided for by law and regulation

  • For any of these situations, please send an email to data-privacy@convelio.com or a post request to CONVELIO - WeWork 198 Avenue de France, 75013, Paris, France. Depending on the request, we may ask you to provide proof of identification.

  • You have the right to lodge a complaint to a regulatory authority for any potential misuse.

  • For further questions, please visit our privacy policy at www.convelio.com/privacy or contact our Data privacy team at data-privacy@convelio.com

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