What type of item should I select?
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The item you select will be confirmed by our Operations team during the review process of your order. We are here to ensure that the information provided is correct and that your items are transported with the greatest care.

Additional context below to help you select the right item:

  • “Other artwork” is a category for any work of art that is not a painting, print or sculpture. It is suitable for any other type of wall hanging, art installation, textile artwork, etc.

  • “Other furniture” is suitable for (*non-exhaustive list): sofas, beds, benches, stools, rugs, clocks, doors, fireplaces, tableware, etc.

  • “Other item” can be used if no other category is deemed suitable. Please note that we do not ship weapons (including antiques), jewelry, wine, vehicles, electrical equipment and appliances, sports equipment, animals, food, and personal effects.

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