Sharing a quote with a third party

Let your client handle booking and payment for their shipment

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You can easily share a quote generated on the platform with someone else by creating a unique link for them. This designated individual will have the capability to update options and information and directly proceed with payment for the shipment, without creating a Convelio account.

The Convelio Shareable Quote Link

Upon clicking the link, the users will be redirected to an authentication screen where they will be prompted to enter the email address used during link generation. To ensure security and privacy, they will then need to validate their identity by clicking on a confirmation button within an email they will receive.

Once their identity is validated, they will have the opportunity to select their delivery and insurance options*, update or input their delivery information, including their address, and include any necessary notes to our team.

During the final step, they can input their billing details and proceed to make payment for the shipment, either via credit card or bank transfer.

*Please note that in some use cases, the options choice might not be available.

How to share a quote from the platform

  1. Once you have a price for your quote, proceed to the booking stage.

  2. Provide the necessary collection details and attach any required documents. While you can input delivery details, your client will have the option to modify or complete them later.

  3. Click on the "Share Quote" button and input your client's email address to generate a unique quote link. At this stage, Convelio will not send any email notifications to the client.

  4. Share the generated quote link with your client. They won't need to create an account to access the quote but will be asked to verify their identity via email before proceeding to booking and making payment for the shipment.

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