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How can my client pay for shipment?
How can my client pay for shipment?
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There are two methods for facilitating payment for shipment by letting the client or a third party handle it:

1. Sharing the quote directly to your client
This process empowers your client to choose their preferred options (such as delivery method and insurance), modify or complete their delivery information, and directly pay for the order.

The step-by-step flow is:

  1. Once you have a price for your quote, proceed to the booking stage.

  2. Provide the necessary collection details and attach any required documents. While you can input delivery details if available, your client will have the option to modify or complete them later.

  3. Click on the "Share Quote" button and input your client's email address to generate a unique quote link. At this stage, Convelio will not send any email notifications to the client.

  4. Share the generated quote link with your client. They won't need to create an account to access the quote but will be asked to verify their identity via email before proceeding to the booking step and paying for the shipment.

More about the shared quote experience here: Sharing a quote with a third party

2) Booking the quote yourself

This method is suitable when you have precise information about your client's desired options, delivery, and billing details. Please note that shipments are processed only after payment is received. For faster order processing, we recommend the method above.

Here, the step-by-step flow is:

  1. Once you have a price for your quote, proceed directly to the booking process and fill out all necessary information.

  2. Continue to checkout, select bank transfer as the payment method, and input your client's billing information accurately to ensure a smooth transaction.

  3. Click on “Place the order”. Your order will be processed, an invoice will be sent to you via email and will also be available in the platform's order section.

  4. You can then share the invoice with your client. It will include the necessary bank information for making a bank transfer, as well as a direct link for online payment.

🛡️ All online payment are handled and secured by Stripe, Inc

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