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How do I input an item on the quoting platform?
How do I input an item on the quoting platform?
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Every art piece is unique. To ensure the best price and service for your shipment, make sure to provide the correct information about your item(s).

Item type

An item type is necessary for our algorithm to provide the best packing and shipping method for your shipment.

Item description

Please add anything that can help our team take care of your item: exhaustive description, materials, shape etc.


If you are shipping multiple identical items, use the quantity field to give us the amount of items to be shipped. If you are shipping multiple items already packed in a wooden crate, you have to declare the number of wooden crates, not the number of items inside (but please add it to the item description).

Specific materials

Select any of the specific materials if your item contains any.

Packing condition

You can select Already Woodcrated on the packing condition if your item(s) are already secured in a wooden crate that meets our quality standards. Not sure of your current packing? Consult our packing guide:

Item parts & lots

If the shipment is not made of a single piece, use the switch on the right side to divide it. It is especially needed for a set of pieces sold on a single invoice (such as a tea set), or for item(s) that should disassembled (such as a tabletop and its feet). Disassembling your item will guarantee a safer shipment, as well as a more condensed volume resulting in better pricing.

Item dimensions

You can use the unit switch to change units to the imperial system

Be careful of inputting the correct dimension in the correct field, as it will impact the price.

Item weight

Weight is optional to get a shipping quote, but we encourage you to enter it, especially if the item is unusually heavy. An estimate is fine.

Item commercial value

Commercial value of the item is its value on the market. For an item that has just been sold, it is the price on the commercial invoice.

We need the unit price of the item, so if you are shipping more than one item, be careful of inputting the price of one piece.

Multiple items & collection points

Use the Add new item button to add another (different) item to the same collection point. If you wish to add another item to be picked up at a different address instead, use the Add another collection location button. For more information, please refer to our dedicated article:

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